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Are you looking for live entertainment that is fun and different? Are you starting to get tired of the same songs that every band seems to play? Check out PLAY ON WORDS! We play a fresher mix of the best alternative rock ever made. Songs that you will know every word to - yet have not heard as many other bands play as much. 

POW is a tight and talented dance rock band that will have party-goers out on the dance floor all night.  POW plays the most recognizable, danceable and chart topping hits from the 80s, 90s and today. The high level of musicianship will have you saying, "Who ARE these guys?"

We perform live covers from a wide selection of timeless rock and alternative classics suitable for all ages. If you are looking for Live Entertainment that will send you to the dance floor, PLAY ON WORDS will put a smile on your face and have you singing along. 

It's hard to go wrong when you have this much experience onstage. The band is made up of five lifelong musicians and seasoned veterans of the Baltimore music scene. Most in this group have over 25 years playing in various bands. State of the art pro sound systems and LED light show for every show.

The best way to hear about upcoming shows is to FRIEND REQUEST US at:

Play on Words Demo Video


Padonia Ale House Fri Jan 9 (9PM)

Irish Channel - Crofton, MD

Fri Jan 23 

Private Party - Sheraton Columbia

Sat Feb 7 (7PM)

Stables Restaurant - Westminster

Sat Feb 21 (9PM)

Riverwatch - Essex, MD

Fri Feb 27 (9PM)

Padonia Ale House - Timonium, MD

Fri Mar 6 (9PM)

Riverwatch - Essex, MD

Fri Apr 24 (9PM)

Playoffs Sports  - Reisterstown, MD

Sat Apr 25 (4PM)

Padonia Ale House - Timonium, MD

Fri May 8 (9PM)


McAvoys - Jan 24, 2014 - (8PM)

Michael's Cafe - Fri Jan 31 (9PM)

Towne Tavern - Sat Feb 22 (8:30 PM)

Union Jacks Rio - Thur Apr 17 (9PM)

Green Turtle - Fri April 25 (9:30PM)

Towne Tavern - Sat Apr 26 (8:30)

Firehouse Tavern - Sat May 10 (9PM)

Michael's Cafe - Fri May 23 (9PM)

Mangroves - Sat May 24  (8:30PM)

The Jetty - Sun June 1 (7PM)

Champions - Fri June 6 (9:30PM)

Playoffs Sports Bar - Sat June 28 (9PM)

Union Jack's Rio - thur July 3 (9PM)

Mangroves - Fri July 4 (9PM)

O'Briens - Fri July 11 (10PM)

Concert at Heritage Park - July 31 

Mangroves - Sat Aug 2 (8:30PM)

Padonia Ale House - Fri Aug 29 (9PM)

Mangroves - Sun Aug 31 (9PM)

Champions - Sat Sept 20 (9:30)
Towne Tavern - Fri Oct 3 (8:30)
Hollywood Casino - Sat Oct 11 (9PM)
Green Turtle LaPlata - Fri Oct 24(9:30)
Woodstock Inn - Sat Oct 25 (9PM)
Union Jacks Rio - Thur Oct 30 (9:30)
Green Turtle HV - Fri Nov 7 (9PM)
Michaels Cafe - Fri Nov 28 (9PM)